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Unprecedented—Obamacare’s New Taxing Policy

This evening, over 12,000 people joined the Americans for Prosperity-Texas TeleTownhall with Attorney General Greg Abbott to gain some clarity as well as learn the implications of the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling. Three main outcomes: Sets precedent to tax for inactivity. Attorney General Abbott explained that this tax hike on millions of Americans will require, […]

Election Day in Texas’ Style

The buzz is in the air as friends, family, social media, the news, emails and poll standers remind us to vote.  Those who have worked tirelessly for months on end have anticipated this day when all their efforts come to an apex. It’s Election Day in Texas with the primary that will determine who moves […]

Op-Ed: Don’t Mess with My Momma–Fighting Words Ignite Motherhood Debate

Hilary Rosen’s recent comments have thrust Ann Romney into the political scene where the discussion surrounding women voters has escalated to new levels. Rosen’s comments hit a thread that culture tells us to never attack—one’s mother.  Commonly known as fighting words, you will hear people comment in a heated discussion “Don’t mess with my momma.” […]

Is it None of Our Business?

The debate surrounding the U.S.’s interaction between Israel and Iran is gaining tide. It is obvious that the Middle East turmoil is growing and countries as well as individuals will have to determine on what side of the aisle they will stand. Recently, someone brought to my attention that one of the two main topics […]

Guest Blogger: Servant Leadership-Attorney General Greg Abbott

Our nation is at a crossroads in leadership, where individuals are looking for genuine, hard working individuals who are principled in their convictions. Guidance, solutions, and results must come from those who embody character. In her article, guest blogger, Ms. Katie Thompson, illustrates three foundational principles-courage, persistence, and humility-in the life of Texas Attorney General […]

Guest Blogger: Why School Choice Would Improve Education

The sphere of influence that parents have on their children’s education will determine whether the American culture adheres to parental oversight in education or abdicates the responsibility to the government. The responsibility relies on the parents, whose role is to nurture, raise, and remain actively engaged in their children’s lives. It’s from this place that […]

School Choice: Why?

The school choice argument finds its basis on two philosophically different views. On one hand, opponents of school choice argue that if money is reallocated from a particular school system, then the school will have a depletion of funds, reducing the quality in education. Whereas, the proponents argue that if we allow parents to decide […]