2013–Here We Come!

Several days ago, I sat down to write an inspiring 2013 blog post when I hit that wall known as writer’s block. After three drafts, the words just weren’t flowing. I read what I had scribbled down to my sister who gave me two pieces of advice–simplify and have fun!

Instead of writing the routine three paragraph post, I decided to do something different–a 2013 bucket list! So, here it goes, the 13 things I’d like to do in 2013 (not numbered by importance):

1. Read 3 autobiographies

2. Write letters to a child in an orphanage

3. Run in a 5k

4. Test drive a BMW

5. Attend a rodeo

6. Lie in a hammock and journal

7. Develop Liberty’s Generation Blog: https://libertysgeneration.wordpress.com/

8. Memorize all the U.S. Presidents & the years they governed

9. Learn how to Texas Two-Step, Square Dance & Swing Dance

10. Visit the Historic Market Square in San Antonio

11. Read a book about each of the following wars: Civil War, WWI, WWII & the Cold War

12. Go horseback riding through the snow in the Rocky Mountains

13. Inspire & encourage others to live to their full potential

What’s on your 2013 bucket list? Share your ideas below. Happy New Year!


2 comments on “2013–Here We Come!

  1. Love the list, Have you completed anyone of them yet. Of course it’s only day 2. LOL

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