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What Do the Media & Texas Have in Common? (TPPF 11th Policy Orientation)

Downtown Austin, the seat of Texas politics, was swarming with legislatures, policy analyst, lobbyist, staffers, and concerned citizens. The 83rd Legislative session, beginning last Tuesday, initiated the discussions, policies, votes and bills that will determine whether the Texas Model will remain.   The Texas Model – known as low taxation, limited regulation, entrepreneurial drive, and […]

TPPF Policy Orientation – What are the Policy Issues Facing Texas?

The Texas Public Policy Foundation’s Policy Orientation has funneled a wealth of information to the listeners regarding what policy issues are ahead for Texans. For real time updates, follow on Twitter (@hannahrbell6) or Facebook ( Update coming soon on this blog!

83rd Legislative Session Begins

To understand the inner workings of the Texas Legislature and how it executes its operations to pass laws that govern our everyday lives requires an awareness of the process and the outcome. Whether heavily involved in politics or on the fringes, realizing that what takes place in the Texas Capitol will now and in the […]

Texas Public Policy Foundation-Policy Orientation for Texas Legislature 2013

An interactive and policy oriented event that touches on the key public policy initiatives and issues before the Texas Legislature, the Texas Public Policy Foundation kicks off their annual conference next week in Austin, Texas. For a list of speakers and topics, see here. I will be live blogging and tweeting (@hannahrbell6) during the event. […]

2013–Here We Come!

Several days ago, I sat down to write an inspiring 2013 blog post when I hit that wall known as writer’s block. After three drafts, the words just weren’t flowing. I read what I had scribbled down to my sister who gave me two pieces of advice–simplify and have fun! Instead of writing the routine […]