Unprecedented—Obamacare’s New Taxing Policy

This evening, over 12,000 people joined the Americans for Prosperity-Texas TeleTownhall with Attorney General Greg Abbott to gain some clarity as well as learn the implications of the Supreme Court’s Obamacare ruling.

Three main outcomes:

  • Sets precedent to tax for inactivity. Attorney General Abbott explained that this tax hike on millions of Americans will require, through the individual mandate, for individuals to purchase a product, whether they want it or not. The Court did set guidelines on Congress’ use of the Commerce Clause and did not expand the government’s role through this particular Clause. Yet, Chief Justice Roberts turned his analysis towards imposing the mandate through taxation.
  • Law’s Medicaid provision unconstitutional. According to Attorney General Abbott, Obamacare sought to require states to expand their Medicaid systems consistent with the law or lose all funding whatsoever. The Court agreed that this violated the Constitution and that Congress could not hold states hostage. Attorney General Abbott emphasized that this is the first time the U.S. Supreme Court has reigned in the Medicaid program. As a result, this helps emphasize state sovereignty.
  • Congress’ tax authority has expanded. The ruling allows Congress to tax inactivity. If you decide not to purchase something than the government can tax you. Through the taxing power, the government can regulate what we can and cannot do as individuals. In essence, Attorney General Abbott relayed that the Court left it up to Americans to take their frustration and elect different officials:  “The American people have the opportunity to repeal the officials who have forced this on us.”

Ronald Reagan warned us that “[f]reedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Obamacare seeks to alter American’s individual freedoms and require people to receive government oversight in daily decision-making. The Attorney General will continue to search for things in Obamacare that are unconstitutional in an effort to uphold individual freedom. Yet, the full repeal will come in November 2012 when American’s make their voices heard on Election Day.

Attorney General Abbott emphasized that this is not a time to give up but rather an opportune moment to fight for our liberty: “Everyone has the power to do something at the ballot box. Repeal Obamacare at the ballot box in November.”

Additional Information:

  • Obamacare originated as attached to HR 3590.
  • National Federation of Independent Business Et Al. v. Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, Et Al. => http://t.co/0OdYHPUG



2 comments on “Unprecedented—Obamacare’s New Taxing Policy

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