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Matt Beebe—A Response for American Exceptionalism

“If not us – who? If not now – when?” – Ronald Reagan

This election cycle, many are asking if government has crossed a boundary line that diminishes freedom, responsibility and private ownership? As a result, the 2012 election cycle is producing an array of candidates who are rising up to take a stand against an over reaching government that subsidizes and regulates America’s exceptionalism.

Whether on the national scene or local level, citizens are questioning policies, motives, and agendas to determine which candidate supports freedom, stability and prosperity. In Texas there are several candidates who have responded, one of which is Matt Beebe. Running for Texas House District 121, Matt understands government’s limitations and the people’s God-given ability to produce greatness.

This past weekend, at a rally and fundraising event for Matt Beebe’s campaign, David Barton spoke about American Exceptionalism and how our Founding Fathers expressed specific ideals within the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution that prove the bedrock of this society. One particular ideal that links to all others is protection of life.  Barton expressed, “The right to life and protecting it is the foundation to both economic and social conservatives.” In essence, he explained, “If they won’t protect your life, they won’t protect your money.”

A business owner and veteran, Matt will seek to maintain Texas’ culture as independent of government regulation and a prosperous society where individuals thrive. Running on the basis of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and a respect for life, Matt will seek to uphold America’s core principles in a political climate that needs leadership.


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