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Op-Ed: Don’t Mess with My Momma–Fighting Words Ignite Motherhood Debate

Hilary Rosen’s recent comments have thrust Ann Romney into the political scene where the discussion surrounding women voters has escalated to new levels.

Rosen’s comments hit a thread that culture tells us to never attack—one’s mother.  Commonly known as fighting words, you will hear people comment in a heated discussion “Don’t mess with my momma.” Rosen initiated a social media battle and cut at the core of principle.

Mothers provide an undergirding stability for their children in which they play a key role in training the next generation of leaders. Homemakers wear many job titles—accountant, taxi driver, cook, consultant, counselor, hair stylist, fashion designer, teacher, doctor, interior decorator and more. Yet, most of all, they are endearingly known as mother.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, our nation celebrates one of the hallmarks that make this country great—family.  To undermine a homemaker’s role as not able to relate to “working” women is unfounded, irresponsible, and plainly offensive.

Both liberals and conservatives see Rosen’s comments as out of bounds with the mainstream. Both perspectives respect the role of motherhood and families. A mother and father provide the security, convictions, and inspiration that children need to grow into responsible and productive adults. Restoring these principles, rather than working to belittle and diminish their significance, is more important.


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