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Who’s It Going to Be?

With what may have proven the final debate round, last Thursday showcased #20’s countdown contenders. Unless someone decides to jump in at the last minute (which is highly unlikely), Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, and Paul make up the grand finale who have endured this intense, yet beneficial vetting process.

This process has shown each nominee’s resolve as well as the American people’s desire to go past the fluff to seeing what makes up these candidates. In ’08, the liberally-biased media slighted constituents from seeing the real Obama when they did not objectively vet the policy implementation behind “hope and change.” Now, four years later, many want to ensure they have the best man for the job.

So, how did did the nominees do last week? The following is a little caption on each one’s performance.

  • Clear Communicator – Romney spoke in simple terms that helped explain current issues while providing specific solutions. Overall, he did not allow the other candidates to woo him into an argumentative match. He stayed on point and showed some “fire in the belly” that will aid his presentation moving forward.
  • Keen Debater – Newt, well what more can one say, he is an expert at debate and provides the caption phrases that stick with the listeners. He functioned as somewhat of a moderator between Romney and Santorum, keeping the debate on point and clarifying areas of miscommunication.  This overall helped Romney as Newt usually bolstered Romney’s position.
  • Fighter, Committed Messenger – Santorum, the spokesman for traditional, conservative values, remained on point with social issues. He passionately expresses pro-life, pro-family, and patriotic principles that come from a place of conviction. Overall, however, his debate performance seemed too argumentative, trying to defend himself rather that stay on point and discuss the issues.
  • Consistent – Paul connected with the audience on government’s bloated spending. Yet, when he discussed defense spending and foreign policy, his isolationist perspective diminished his capability in dealing appropriately with foreign affairs. Overall, Paul remained consistent to his philosophical approach.

Tomorrow, we’ll see what the voters’ thought of the debate in Arizona and Michigan’s primaries. At this point, the vetting process may have reached its apex, and we may begin to see the candidate rise to the top.

With spending out of control, the government growing too large, ObamaCare challenging religious liberties, rising gas prices, and a brewing Israel-Iran conflict, it’s time for the discussions to turn from GOP rivalry to messaging that will defeat Obama in November.



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