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Welfare Mentality – Too Low to Succeed

History is in the making—will Americans maintain their liberty or submit to government slavery?

While growing up, many may recall their parents teaching the rewards found in perseverance and a hard work ethic. With a shift in perspective, the Obama administration’s agenda remains to legitimize the welfare state and create a cradle to greave dependency on the government. Contrary to popular belief, the funds for vast spending initiatives do not come out of the politicians’ benevolent, hard work. Instead, the money will come directly from American citizens’ pocket books. The federal government will explain that entitlement programs and the exorbitant amount of spending are in your best interest.

Yet, the government bureaucracy that intervenes in people’s lives ultimately hurts them. In essence, by accepting welfare as normal, a society does not deal with the root of addictions, lack of parental responsibility, low self-esteem, laziness, and more. Many in this nation, however, have placated to the concept that the government should play the role of the parent and as a result, father the helpless.

Dealing with the issues before us requires accountability, responsibility, integrity, and people living out their purpose. As a result, individuals will help those in need through creative inventions and ideas. A government dependency not only eliminates the drive to succeed, but it lowers the bar for success. Instead of viewing all people as able to reach their potential no matter what their circumstances, the expectation has diminished to where we classify people based on status, wealth, race, and mental ability. In so doing, we have labeled success as dependent on one’s circumstances rather than encouraging people to go beyond situational limitations and reminding them that they have the ability to live out their God-given purpose.

When we begin to see people as individuals with a purpose, the “underprivileged class” labels grow obsolete. One will no longer see oneself as “underprivileged;” but as having the opportunity to embrace challenges with the ability to overcome obstacles and grow. At this point, the welfare mentality becomes a second thought, because the ideology and not the person is what remain too low to succeed.

We are vying for our nations mentality and where this will lead us. Will we remain a prosperous, free country or a nation stifled under the heavy hand of socialism, unable to reach its potential? I venture to believe that people will rise up, as they have already done, taking a stand in the fight for American exceptionalism.


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